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Harvest Moon Light of Hope is a Farm Simulation Video Game, released into several Console Platforms, such as PC (November 14, 2017), PS4 & Switch (May 29, 2018), Android & iOS (September 26, 2018), and developed by Natsume. Inc.

Usually the Harvest Moon Game tells of a young man who was assigned to take care of the farmland of his grandfather, but the story taken from the 20th Harvest Moon series is a little different, which is telling a young man who was stranded on a remote island.


In the island which will be the residence of a young man, already has a population with a very small number, therefore the Players will be assigned to make the island prosper and famous again as before.

Gameplay system that is applied into this game, is still the same as the previous series, where the players can plant various types of plants, take care of various kinds of animals, socialize with residents, mine various kinds of precious stones and others.

Unique features available in this Farm Simulation Game, Players can choose 2 kinds of Charachter, namely Male and Female, for Male Charachter can marry Female Residents, while Female Charachter can marry Male Residents.

But to download the Harvest Moon Light of Hope game for the Android & iOS platform, players have to buy it at a pretty expensive price on the Playstore, which is around Rp.219,000.00.

Therefore, for Players who want to play the 20th Harvest Moon Game Series above, can Download the Application for free, the Players can just click on the Download Button that has been available in this article.

Features of Harvest Moon Light Of Hope Apk

Harvest Moon Light Of Hope game version of Android & iOS above, has the same features as the PC or PS4 version, which are as follows:

  •     There are 2 types of characters (male and female)
  •     Good Graphic HD Resolution & Audio Sound
  •     Plant and harvest a variety of plants
  •     Maintaining and Obtaining Items from a variety of Farm Animals
  •     Buy a variety of items (Plant Seeds, Livestock, Farm and Animal Husbandry Equipment)
  •     Upgrade various kinds of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Equipment
  •     Mining to get various kinds of precious stones
  •     Selling a variety of items from Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Mining
  •     Cook a variety of foods
  •     Socialize with Residents to get Friendship Points
  •     Marry one of the Residents
  •     Complete various Event Stories
  •     Fishing to get various types of fish

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