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December 2019
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Mobile Legend Kuroyama Mod – So far, some players can use tricks to get free diamonds for Mobile Legends. No need to use cheat codes in the Mobile Legends application.

Mobile Legends Mod APK is a modification of the Mobile Legends application that allows users to take advantage of certain advantages that are not possible with the MOD version of the Mobile Legends application.

With Mobile Legend Mod Hack, you can also buy hero characters for free without using diamonds.

Because this moba game is popular with players but has expensive prizes, players are often forced to use fraudulent methods.

One of them uses the Mod Mobile Legends application. The most common cheat application for Mobile Legends is Mobile Legends Kuroyama.

Mobile Legends Kuroyama is a cheat application for Mobile Legends that allows players to win easily.

This suggestion comes from the Mobile Legends application, which has been modified to provide a number of useful features not available in the official version of the Mobile Legends application, including obtaining unlimited diamonds.

When using this application, you are superior to other players who do not use the Mod version of the Mobile Legends application.

One of the advantages of this mod application is the possibility of displaying all the heroes and friends on the mini map during the game.

With these features, you don’t need to worry about being attacked or attacked by the opposing team. Instead, it’s easier for you to catch your opponent.

Download the latest version of Mobile Legend MOD APK

Did you know that with the Mod version of the Mobile Legends application, you can buy Heri-Skin and quickly increase damage?

With this safe trick, you can easily defeat your opponent in battle mode or leaderboards.

The good news for those who want to use the Mod version of the Mobile Legends application is there is no charge or it’s free.

You can get the application from Google, now there are many links to download the APK Mobile Legends MOD. For simplicity, you can download from the following link:

Download it

How to install Mobile Legends Mod APK

Are you interested in the Mobile Legends Mod APK application? After downloading the file from the link above, you can install it as follows:

Installation Method:

Make sure you have installed the latest original text for mobile and non-MOD devices so you already have data and no updates are needed to overwrite the data.

  1. Open the Mobile Legends folder
    To open a file with the Zarchver application that was previously downloaded, open the Android / Data folder >> Find the com.Mobile.legends file
  2. Change the name to com.Mobile.legends
    Tap the folder and add a free name without spaces. Change name. Example: com.Mobile.legendsTechnicaltalk, then OK to save
  3. Delete the original Legends Mobile application
    After changing the data name, delete the application from the main menu on the HP screen
  4. Install Kuroyama Mobile Legends V.3
    Open the Mobile Legends Kuroyama V.3 downloaded with Zarchiver on Mediafire and install as usual
  5. Delete the letter that was added previously
    After installing Mobile Legends Mod, return to the Android / Data folder and delete the technical speech so that the folder name matches the new MOD ML name
  6. Open MOD ML
    If there is an animated photo of a girl, it means it has been installed correctly. Please test in classic or classification mode …

This is our review of Mobile Legend Kuroyama Mod. Download this game now and feel the thrill of this exciting game.

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