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December 2019
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Mobile Legends Adventure Mod – In this game, attacker elements and tactics can enable players to better win teams. It is therefore important to listen to the system according to the layout so that the lines associated with each project can be adjusted.

Strong groups cannot be formed because of individual circumstances. When reading, workload must be distributed to fit the group elements. It depends on the player’s control and greatly helps the user to change what determines the outcome of the match.


Players can also provide excellent resources abroad. Hiding soldiers and soldiers is a struggle to keep motorists moving. Spend 10 minutes every day to achieve this dream goal.

Many programs

  1. Collect and promote tools and controls
  2. Promotion room
  3. Collect, build, fight stronger than the strongest
  4. Many players
  5. Join to challenge other players
  6. Follow your friends and challenge the enemy

Hero Legends Adventure Mod


He was a murderer who endured all the pain of the attack. He is very tough, but now he can be a hero in the game.

Thanks to his experience at Punction, he was able to control his opponent in the last row due to many injuries. Thanks to the latter, which caused serious damage, and to great engineers, thanks to a large debuff on target, Lancelot was able to do it.


Black rapper is known as rain / damage. They are brave and have good PLC properties.

The last door is at the enemy base and creates an AOE dimension that allows all enemy units to carry out the first attack. The attack lasted between two and five seconds.

And he healed it with part of his strength. Emphasize the power of Alice and her supplements by collecting electricity for each skill used.


Support the unity of objects by lowering your hands to attack the best fighter of its kind. Basic and direct expertise: save 1 to 3 potions and more than 5 seconds abroad and interact with your colleagues.


Even though they are not as strong as Estes, digital marketing and recovery / web sites are still very competitive. The final step is to maintain the current connection for up to 12 seconds, to cut off power to the last Division II and to protect it from injury. If he is not protected by his comrades, Angela manages to launch attacks on enemies and allies, injuring the first and healing the last.

Gatot Kaca

This command line of power / participation is the most powerful part of this game, not only does he live a good life, but he also takes it home with good skills. With Ultimate Gatotkaca, he can jump in the middle or return to the attacker while his two skills minimize ATK.


It was the reservoir of Marti’s affinity, which worked in CC, with the only lesion occurring in her stomach. Although Akai is not like Gatotkaca, he has defeated other opponents. Martial arts skills showed him the skills he used in battle that were far superior to his endurance.

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