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Januari 2020
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PicSay Pro Apk – Do you like photo editing? and do you want to edit photos to make them more attractive? Yes, you have entered the correct website because we have published the download link for the photo editing application PicSay Pro Apk – Photo Version Now you can find the complete test below.

Check PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor

PicSay Pro Photo Editor contains a clear application with a size of only 1.8 MB, which makes it also suitable for use on Android devices with low specifications. It also has standard or advanced photo editing features.

PicSay has released two versions. The first is a free application, the second version is pro or paid. You can download it from Google Playstore. The two versions also have different types. One of them is v1.8.0.5.

Despite its small size, PicSay Pro Photo Editor offers more functionality than the original version. This app offers the functional benefits of cutting photos, setting effects or filters, adding photos to stickers and much more.

PicSay Pro Apk Photo Editor features and applications

This best application has many advantages that make editing easier for users. such as:

  • Sharpen

Photosynthetic sensitivity when taking photos sometimes causes photos to blur. So you have to adjust them first. The sharpening function of PicSay Pro Photo Editor is used to solve this problem easily and even better.

  • Smooth

Have you ever seen the photo with a lot of noise? Don’t worry, this feature can be solved by solving the problem. As the name suggests, the photos are blurred with the “Smooth” function, the sound disappears and disappears. However, it must be patient and complete.

  • Change the size

This resizing feature is useful when you want to reduce the size of a photo. In fact, some cell phones and modern cameras produce larger than average photos. In addition, the amount can also be adjusted according to your needs.

  • Crop

As the name suggests, this feature is definitely useful for cropping photos. It also reminds you of the boring viewing of your best photos. This cropping feature does not reduce the quality of the photos to be edited. However, its capacity is lower than before.


If you want to add ornaments to your photos, this feature offers an attractive effect. The stickers offered are very diverse and range from cartoons to hanging objects, letters and other fun shapes.

Contrast / exposure

The goal is to adapt the color balance of the photographic object to the surrounding atmosphere. There are usually photos with non-uniform colors on the screen that appear distorted between the object and the atmosphere. This makes the colors in the photo more uniform.


One of the functions of PicSay Pro Photo Editor is to blur or hide certain objects in the photo. Usually, users are used more frequently after the cut function. You can also get bokeh effects like with a DSLR camera.


The second most used function is brightness. This is useful for lightening photos. You have to take pictures with dark results and unclear objects, right? Brightness can adjust the sensitivity and saturation of light.

Insert an image

Boredom with only photos? Don’t worry, you can add another image or photo to the Insert Image feature.


Effects or filters added to images make your photos fresher and more interesting. PicSay also offers various effects / functions according to the needs of each user.


This is useful for changing the rotation by rotating or rotating a photo. Rotation will display images in portrait or landscape format.

Correct red eyes

Photographing in a dark place can cause a person’s eyes to appear red (photographic objects). This definitely means that the photo is not clearly visible. This red-eye correction function can handle it. The eyes of the object, which were originally red, fade and appear dark.

Add text

This is useful for adding text to photos. Many people use it to add different types of subtitles. Based on motivational words, funny phrases or adding tags to photos, etc.

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