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December 2019
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Unkilled MOD APK – After launching Dead Trigger in the mobile game market, Madfinger Games will continue to release Unkilled (MOD Unlimited Bullets), the sequel to Dead Trigger.

This is a shooter with amazing graphics for the iOS and Android platforms. This game promises to lure players into the biggest war between zombies and warriors.

Unkilled MOD APK

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  • MADFINGER Games Verlag
  • 3D, online, Sagittarius
  • Latest Version 2.0.6
  • 32M size
  • MOD unlimited bullet function
  • Android 4.1 platform


If Dead Trigger has the chance to survive and fight zombies, Unkilled will take you to someone named Joe, a member of the WOLFPACK work group. In the imaginary city of New York, where the zombie virus exploded violently, you can see that the streets are full of zombies.

Viruses that spread and mutate make zombie monsters terrible and dangerous. Joe’s mission is to find and destroy the source of the pandemic so it does not spread throughout the world.

Familiar gameplay

Unkilled is very similar to the previous section, with your first appearance controlling your character through virtual buttons on the screen. You can easily move your character to any angle. After the zombies appear, all you have to do is aim and your weapon will shoot automatically.

Unkilled has a very long history with more than 100 missions, with many enemies like the Sheriff, Dodger, Butcher, Dodger, … There will also be many collateral efforts to get there.

Not only does it have a shooter soul, Unkilled also combines elements from the role-playing genre that is displayed in the search system and enhances, collects and enhances weapons.

Weapon system

The weapons system is very broad and diverse and you can choose from a variety of weapons, e.g. B. Shotguns, machine guns, machine guns, bows, knives, and others. With the task of saving the world, you will be armed with very modern weapons.

If you want to clear the site and kill zombies quickly, you can activate missiles that blow up zombies or even stop time that you can set easily.

The graphics are amazing

The unrivaled uniqueness and the most striking feature is that graphics are designed in high-resolution 3D, from the smallest objects such as trees, electric poles, wooden barrels to skyscrapers, trams, zombies … even the reflection of the sun’s rays is reflected in the very picture real and clever to be rejected. The sound also adds a small part to the game, the charm of playing with weapons and screaming zombies.
Overall Rating

I saw the game on the iPhone 7 and the first impression is that the game works well even if you install a higher configuration. If you like zombie games, Unkilled might be a good choice for you.

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  • Name the Mod Apk without skills
  • 3D genre, online, shooter
  • 32M size
  • Latest Version 2.0.6

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