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December 2019
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Download YO Whatsapp APK MOD Latest version 7.81 2019 – After the popularity of the WhatsApp messaging application, more and more developers are developing this WhatsApp application with additional features that will facilitate secure communication for users. As one of them is YOWhatsapp, modified by Yousef Al Basha. For WhatsApp users who currently want more privacy features like hiding their online status, simply download the WA status downloaded by friends and use YOWhatsApp (YOWA).

In this article we will look at the functions of this YOWA and of course we will also provide a link to download this APK from YOWA. Before using YOWhatsapp, you must first read our review, so as not to be confused later if you use all the benefits of this YOWA.

Fitur YO Whatsapp Version 2019

It can hide online status

In fact, this feature is still present in every WhatsApp MOD, including YOWA. This function is designed for you who do not wish to be discovered in the WhatsApp application YO Whatsapp By default, when you are active in WA, your friends know that you are online.

Anti-erasure message

If this feature is enabled, the chat opponent cannot delete the chat messages sent by him.

It can block a contact so that you cannot make voice or video calls

If this function already exists in the WA standard, you can block in YOWhatsapp only so as not to make voice and video calls, but always chat with the blocked contact.

Can hide when status is displayed

If you activate this function and see the status of your friends, you will not discover that you have seen it.

It can hide the blue checklist, checklist 2 and checklist 1

The first thing you see is checklist 1, which indicates that the message has been sent but has not yet entered your chat partner’s cell. The following checklist 2 indicates that the message has arrived but has not been read. Then you will see the blue checklist indicating that the message has been read.

Well, in YOWhatsapp, you can hide the status of this checklist. The message sender thinks that the message he sent did not arrive on your phone even if you read it. This function applies to all contacts and groups.

Sending images with conversion resolution and file size can reach 1MB

If you use standard WhatsApp to send images when the image file is too large, the resolution will be automatically converted / reduced. In YOWhatsapp, however, it is possible to send high resolution image files without compression.

It can send video, ZIP, PDF and other documents up to 700MB

If you use WhatsApp, your file size is limited. With YOWhatsApp, you can now send files up to 700 MB in size.

You can change the subject very easily

If you are bored with WA, you can use YOWhatsapp to change the user interface with many choices of topics which are very interesting and certainly not boring.

Additional emoji stickers

Add a pretty funny emoji sticker to YOWhatsapp and, of course, adding stickers can make chatting with friends, relatives and relatives more exciting.

And of course, there are many other features that you can try yourself.

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